Braque allemand, german shorthaired pointer, hunting dog, chien de chasse

"I have the conviction that if you can find a well balanced GSP, you will experience the full extent of what a versatility dog was meant to be.  If there were more GSPs like Mobby and Mac, there'd be more GSPs" 

Based in Val-David, Qc what we seek at is to produce hunting and testing dogs that are able to adapt to the situation, whatever it may be.


We all seek that hunting machine for 3 months of the year we are hunting, but most will have to live with that "machine" in their house, with the rest of the family for the rest of the year.  Balance is critical if we want more people to join in on our sport.

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German shorthaired pointer in NAVHDA test.  Hunting dog, chien de chasse, braque allemand.

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