N.A. prize 1 - U.T. prize 1

My Ohio Bound - Mobby 

DOB 2-15-2018

46 lbs



"Some dogs are one in a million, Mobby is one in a lifetime"

She's got the looks, she's got talent and high intensity in the field, but she's also an amazing family dog.


She's a great companion in the house and does animal therapy with mentally handicapped people. 


She's easy to train and eager to please.

And although she'll gladly sit on your lap while you binge watch 2 seasons of what ever it is you're watching right now, when you release her in the woods, it's a beautiful thing to see so much energy focused into this petite german shorthaired pointer who finds birds where ever they may be. Simply a great hunting dog.

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All rights reserved Iconic Gundogs 2020