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And a last one...

Hard to believe, but it's already been 7 weeks and these pups are all heading home next weekend. Quebec city, Eastern townships, South shore of Montréal and even the USA. These pups will be all over the place making a lot of people very happy I'm sure, but mostly making us proud.

We knew breeding german shorthaired pointers would not be a walk in the park, so it's no surprise, but we did realize that breeding shorthaired pointers the way we wanted to is a lot more work... but so worth it.

In this last week, we've seen these pups' personalities in a strong solid light and the end result can only put a smile on our faces. We've tried to give them more and more one on one time in order to really see their personalities, talents and challenges. We've taken the pups on individual strolls through the forest to see just how curious and daring they are, and it's a beautiful thing to see. These pups could fit in the palm of my hand 7 weeks ago and now, they walk on their own in lands they've never seen without hesitation, like they know the way and what lays ahead. These pups could not stand on their paws 7 weeks ago, but now, I dare you to try and change their minds when they smell a bird...

The family was having diner last night and we asked our boys, would you rather be here when the pups leave or would you rather say your goodbyes and leave for the day and come back to an emptier house ? The answer wasn't clear and definite, but it was tearful. Like they suddenly realized the pups were about to leave. The boys, without knowing have given and gained so much from this experience, that you know there will always be a before and after this moment, so although we were not surprised by the surge of emotions, it reveals just how big and compelling adventure this already has been for our clan.

German shorthaired puppies crossing the path
The boys came with me on most strolls and helped me out for the group picture below.

On another note, I got quite a surprise yesterday when I was woken up at early, very early morning by Mobby who was barking. Got up and heard new unfamiliar sounds.. Yup you guessed it... we have an escape artist in the family. Hendrix has found it's way out and is now starting kennel training...

And since we got an early start on that day, I figured we'd put it to good use...

All the pups have shown great potential and all this is very exciting, but the idea of letting them go is a little heartbreaking for everyone here. Nonetheless, this coming week's agenda is filled with time spent getting your puppies ready for their new homes. It will be a big week for everyone... including you.

So yes, we're proud. Proud of our pups, proud of our boys.

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