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Are you ready ?

Well June 5th is around the corner and although I'm happy with all the families that will be getting a pup from this litter, it kind of saddens us to know they'll soon be leaving.

This week we had our visit to the veterinarian's office and we did so good... Everybody (almost) in the office dropped what ever they were doing to come and get some puppy time with us. Dr Aucoin, our vet, was quite impressed with how easy these pups were handled, turned on their backs to be examined and not stressed at all to be suddenly in a new environment. All the pups weighed in between 8,8 and 10,8 lbs... not too shaby for six week old pups... All testies where they should and none of the hearts had issues. It was the pups first truck ride and they all rode in the kennel together. They did great !

By the time we got back home, Springsteen and Janis were sleeping so deeply, they had to be awaken and it was not an easy task.

The pups are spending a lot of time outside and they are doing great. Lots of friends stop by and come and spend some time with them and so they've seen and were handled by lots of different people. Everyone agrees, these dogs are velcro dogs in the making. They love and seek human presence and so should be very easy to train and live with. My youngest son spends time every morning with them before going to school. I'm sure he's gonna miss them.

Today we did another photo shoot and I wanted to try something new... When I showed my wife she told me I was out of my style/zone and tapping into Anne Geddes' with these pots and flowers. Maybe I overdid the props and should go back to hunting themed photos... What do you think?

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