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That special bond...

Updated: May 5, 2021

Kids... I have 3 from 7 to 20 years old and they occupy a great deal of my life, and a great deal of my heart and soul.

Nothing makes me happier than seeing the pups and kids creating that special bond... It's as if kids and puppies were a perfect match.

Last summer we were at a friend's who had a 5 week old litter of pups and my son (9 y.o.) sat down and started petting the pups once they were done feeding. That one pup always came back to him and my son started scratching his ears and it was as if that pup was in heaven... I told my son that this particular dog would one day be in his forever family and that when ever someone would scratch his ears, he'd think about this particular moment... My son teared up in joy and that pup got some serious ear scratching that night...

Now that we are expecting our very own litter, it's promising to be an emotional roller coaster ride until then... the kids even made us promise to wake them up the whelping was during the night, or get them from school if it was during the day. No matter the scenario, they don't want to miss a beat of all these special moments to come...

Here's a video we made when Mobby was just a pup and Elliot was just a tiny boy...

It’s knowing that you’re sowing today, tomorrow’s memories

It’s a shared innocence between those who don’t know

It’s a shared innocence between those who don’t care

Run with me, I’ll race you

It’s life’s hardest lessons learned through somebody else’s fights

It’s a bond that grows before your eyes

Mobby could have run off far by now

But she’s exactly where she wants to be

This laughter, it’s contagious and heart warming ‘cause it’s sincere

We may not be the same species, but we recognize each other’s intentions

We may not be the same species, but if we keep running just a little bit longer

We’ll end up being family.

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