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Week 4 So much going on !

Well the pups have hit that 1 month old mark and suddenly we are quite happy there's only 6 of them ;-)

They've went from walking to running. Squeaking to barking, cute little muffins to gremlins that have eaten after midnight...

Mobby is quite ready to move on to other and better things... She only goes into the whelping box to clean up and maybe once or twice feed the pups, but with those sharp teeth that have appeared, she's rather look on the litter from afar... She'll jump in whenever she hears growling and or fighting going on... She'll clean them up when needed. All in all she's a great mom, a ready to move on great mom...

We've continued our conditioning with the high pitched voice associated to food... You'll love it when you can build on this to work the call back.

We've also introduce a litter box within the play area and if I had to say I'd estimate a an instant 80% success rate. This should help when the time comes to have house break the pups.

I have to warn you, if any of these pups is heading your way... They will absolutely love and crave human company. They would very much rather sleep in our arms than in their pen and thus will redefine the velcro dog reputation of the breed...

So, we're half way there. Everybody here will obviously be heartbroken when these guys leave, but I expect that we'll be finding pups who have escaped throughout the house before this is said and done, and maybe, juste maybe we'll be kind of relieved and happy to get a good night sleep knowing these guys will be in great hands ;-)

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