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What a week-end...

Thursday Mobby's temperature dropped and we then knew we were within the final 24 hours.

With Mobby's pacing, nesting and panting we thought it would happen during the night. Our boys had made us promise that we would wake them up should the puppies arrive while they were sleeping and we reaffirmed our promise in our for them to finally get some sleep (not before drawing a be brave card for Mobby).

Next morning the boys were up at dawn and kind of disappointed that the pups weren't there. Also debating if they should really go to school...

If you were to ask our eldest son, he'd tell you that in class last friday, the teacher got 3 phone calls and every time his heart stopped... On the third call when he heard his name he knew. School bag half packed and with his contagious excitement, every body in class was trying to help him gather what he needed for the week end...

My wife picked the kids up from school after the first pup was born at 10h28 (Jagger). By the time they were in the drive way our youngest son had already untied his shoe laces to get to the pup faster and by 12h12 we had our first female show up (Joplin). At 12h29 Springsteen showed up. 13h46 Hendrix and then we wait... 17h17 before Cash showed up and then some more waiting... 21h18 before Joni finally arrived.

Since Friday, we've basically been either looking at them, talking about them or taking care of them... We kind of wonder what we did before they were here with all this free time... It was nerve-wracking, messy and will be for the next 8 weeks, but we are doing it as a family and I hope these will be moments the boys cherish for a long time.

Once again our family is so lucky to have Mobby and Mac taking us through these journeys.

This is the beginning of another great adventure and we are thrilled and excited to see what the future holds for these pups and their new families.

I'd like to add a very special thank you to my friends Steve Brodeur and Annie Ulrich who answered every phone call I had and every stupid question that came up. Mentors like these are an essential necessity for stressed out folks like me and I could never thank them enough.

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