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What's in a name !?

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

Ever caught yourself playing the name game when the time comes to make your pick of the litter ? I know I have and I've had great fun doing it. In these past years, when I got my first female, I wanted something that would remind me of the commitment I was making. This idea that I would get my ducks in line, starting with the best pedigree, to make it all the way to NAVHDA's invitational. Since the event is once every 2(3 ?) years held in Ohio, I decided Mobby's name would be My Ohio Bound - M.O.B - Mobby It kind of sealed that commitment forever. I can never call this dog without being reminded what the end goal is...

When M.A.C. came about, I searched for the right acronym. My intention was clear, I wanted this pup to become a champion and so Make me A Champion became quickly evident to me .

At first I thought pedigree names were kind of pretentious, then I started having fun wth them... I still think one of my best ones was The Dude for a blond lab which for a couple of days, I thought might have been a dudley.

English Setter puppy getting ready to train for navhda
Scolopax Commander and Jean-Michel

My good friend Jean-Michel and his wife Catherine got themselves an English Setter and asked for my help in coming up with a name. They had chosen a call name (Essie) and wanted a pedigree name. Considering she's a woodcock dog to be, my proposition was Scolopax Commander (s.c), and that's what they went for.

I already know what my next pup's name will be, but I'll wait for the right time to tell you. With an upcoming litter, we've also decided on a theme for the litter, but that too will wait... And so, what are some of your favorite name games... How do you decide on a name for a pup ?

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