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Your first tool towards a great recall

When I'm asked, when do we start training ?

My answer is always; " before you get your pups in your hands"

Your training should start as soon as you're mind is made up to get a new dog, because how can you teach what you don't understand ?

You need to understand the different methods out there in order to gain a certain "dog training culture". Because once you follow a method, culture is what will get you out of a bad place. Dog training culture and understanding the different methods is what will allow you to adapt a method to you, an unplanned situation or a particular dog.

My go to books are always

Training with Mo


The NAVHDA green book

I find these are two great places to start from.

Now to a dog there is instinct and conditioning. Instinct is what comes whit a lineage, a pedigree... Conditioning is what comes with every possible opportunity.

So forgive me my annoying voice and that high pitch note, but when these pups go home, they will be conditioned to come to that note and pitch and the new owners can build upon this to start building a solid recall.

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