We are family


Based in Val-David, Qc, Canada, we are a family with a passion for hunting dogs, but obviously, mostly German Shorthaired Pointers.

Before starting all this, we asked ourselves, are our dogs worth reproducing ?  Even though they have extraordinary pedigrees, are they bringing anything to the table in terms of talent, drive, intelligence, looks and conformation and all around the answer is yes.  It all started with Mobby who will win over anyone's heart with her charms and beauty. Once in the field she impresses with her intensity and work ethic.  She will keep going no matter the terrain, no matter the weather. Chasing woodcock and grouse in the thick brush or working the field, she does it with extreme care and she "works" the birds in an impressive manner.  Since everyone thinks their dog is special, I waited until people around me, connaisseurs, started pointing it out, to consider breeding Mobby. Plus, my kids made me pledge to keep Mobby's lineage in order for them to have Mobbys of their own when they are old enough.

From there we decided as a family to jump into this adventure, and so we are doing this as a family.  Isabelle, Elliot, Léo and myself are in it to share with others the incredible feeling it is to have a well bred dog at your heel when competing NAVHDA,stepping into a promising cover or just watching tv... Well balanced dogs without any compromise.


The moment the puppies go is heart wrenching and so the adoptive families are chosen carefully, because it becomes an extension of ours.

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